What if a great start was a no-brainer?

With Simple Start it is. All you do is eat from a list of foods that you can find in any grocery store (we call them PowerFoods.) We give you lots of delicious meal ideas or you can make your own. It’s so uncomplicated it’s almost unbelievable.

You can also tune into our Simple Start Webcast series to get the most out of Simple Start plus a ton of tips and advice.

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New Simple Start

  • An App that makes it easy with step-by-step guides
  • Real food that fills you up fast and keeps you full longer.
  • No measuring. No math. When we say simple we mean it.

Once you’re on your way, the Weight Watchers program will keep you going.

After two weeks, you’ll be ready for everything else Weight Watchers has to offer. You’ll learn how to enjoy the freedom to eat any of your favorite foods and still lose weight. Or, if you love the way Simple Start works, you can carry on with these great Power Foods. We’ll just give you more tools and ideas to keep it interesting.

Eat what you love. Just smarter.

Learn to balance food choices

Make weight loss fit your life

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Weight Watchers Meetings

  • Learn from a weight-loss mentor
  • Inspirational power of a group
  • Personal strategies, tips & advice
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Weight Watchers Online

  • Follow the Plan entirely online
  • Mobile tools and apps
  • Cheat Sheets, restaurant finder & more

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Weight Watchers Monthly Pass

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