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The Weight Watchers approach ― available in your workplace

The Weight Watchers approach ― available in your workplace
For 50 years, Weight Watchers has helped people lose weight and learn to keep it off. Our PointsPlus® plan is based on the latest nutritional science and the proven Weight Watchers approach.

The plan takes into account how bodies process food. Making smarter – and delicious – choices, like Power Foods, our bodies work harder while providing better nutrition throughout the day.

Simple Start – Our Simplest Plan Yet

Simple Start is a 2-week starter plan that gives members simple meal ideas built from delicious, good-for-you foods, plus a few small indulgences. It’s designed to get members started losing weight and on the path to long-term success.

When members download the new Simple Start app* or engage in the meeting booklet, they’ll have the 2 week plan available at their fingertips. And when they are ready, they can seamlessly move into tracking PointsPlus® values against their daily targets. With access to meetings, digital tools, and products, we’ll help make it simple all the way to their goal.

The Simple Start plan is available as an app* or meeting booklet.
* App included with eTools or Monthly Pass subscription. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Solutions for you and your employees

Weight Watchers Health Solutions has created the tools and resources needed to help enhance employee engagement with the program, and drive results for all types of organizations.

  • Helpful guidance based on years of experience
  • Turnkey tools to engage employees and help keep them motivated
  • Online management and administration tools to make your job easier

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