Why bring Weight Watchers Meetings to your office*?

Why bring Weight Watchers Meetings to your office
Flexibility – When you sign up for Monthly Pass**, you’ll get access to weekly At Work meetings, unlimited local meetings, plus eTools, our internet weight-loss companion

Convenience – We bring the meeting right to your workplace, so even the busiest professionals can still attend

Daily motivation – Since a majority of your week is most likely spent at work, attending Weight Watchers with your co-workers creates a great network for ongoing support and motivation

Potential savings – Many employers often decide to subsidize part or all of the cost of the Weight Watchers At Work meetings as an incentive to help employees lose weight


Getting Started is Easy

If you want to bring Weight Watchers to your workplace, here’s how:

1.Contact your Human Resources Department to discuss holding a meeting at your office and to secure meeting room and storage space on site.

2.Circulate an interest form throughout the office and obtain the names of at least 20 employees interested in coming to a free on-site Weight Watchers Open House meeting.

3.Call 1-800-8-AT-WORK (1-800-828-9675) and speak with one of our Account Managers to get a meeting started.


Other Weight Watchers offerings available to employees

If your company is unable to hold an At Work meeting or you are not interested in attending a meeting at your office, there are other weight-loss offerings that may be available to employees. Speak to your HR Department to see if your company is interested in offering any or all of the following to employees, or learn more about our offerings here and sign up now:

Weight Watchers Meetings**
With Monthly Pass you’ll get access to unlimited local Weight Watchers meetings of your choice with free access to eTools, our internet weight-loss companion. You will also benefit from an experienced Leader and group support from fellow members. To learn more about the flexibility and value Monthly Pass offers click here.

Weight Watchers OnlinePlus subscription
You can follow the plan, step-by step online, with interactive tools and resources like a weight tracker, progress charts, restaurant guides, and thousands of recipes and meal ideas. It is available in two versions specifically designed for men and women with tailored content that speaks directly to each audience. Click here to learn more about our customized online offerings.


Benefits of eTools

People who attend meetings and use eTools lose 50% more weight than those who attend meetings alone.

Call 1.800.828.9675 to learn more.

These members have found success with Weight Watchers At Work

Healthy Tips for the workplace

*Available only in participating areas in the U.S. Minimum enrollment required to start an At Work meeting, minimum attendance required to maintain the At Work meeting.
**Monthly payment is required in advance. The subscriber will automatically be charged each month until they cancel. Monthly Pass is sold in participating areas only; may not be accepted for local and/or At Work meetings in all areas.

†Each Weight Watchers Online subscription will be automatically renewed each month until cancelled.

‡ Based on 24 week study; Nguyen V et al. Obesity 15 (9S): A221, 2007.

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