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become part of our meetings room team!

Member Success is one of the core values at Weight Watchers. We believe that we succeed when our members succeed.

At Weight Watchers we look for caring people who have been successful on our weight loss plan to work as leaders and receptionists. These roles are essential to helping our meetings members be successful and change their lives for the better.

The LEADER is our primary role model for meeting's member success. Leaders conduct group meetings, weigh members, show them how to follow the Weight Watchers weight loss plan, and motivate them to achieve their weight loss goals.

The RECEPTIONIST is a critical part of our meetings room team.
Receptionists personally welcome and assist all meetings members and provide support and encouragement. Receptionists collect and tally all fees and product sales, weigh members, and distribute member materials.

As part of the Weight Watchers team, you would enjoy:

 Personal satisfaction in helping others
 Flexible hours. Compensation and benefits
 Continual support for staying at your weight goal
 Free meetings
 Discounts on products
 Excellent training programs and on-the-job training to help you feel comfortable in your new position
If you are an interested Lifetime Member, or are currently within 10 pounds of your Weight Watchers weight goal range, then e-mail us or contact us at 1-800-651-6000 to find out about eligibility requirements and opportunities.

Weight Watchers is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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