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Weight Watchers New Simple, Effective Program Controls Hunger While Encouraging Healthy Food Choices
2009 Is The Year To Stop Dieting And Start Living With Momentum™

NEW YORK, N.Y. December 29, 2008 – Weight Watchers International, Inc. (NYSE: WTW), the global leader in weight-management services, today announced the launch of their new program – Momentum™ – an easy-to-follow, weight loss plan that can help people stay in control of their eating habits while teaching them how to eat smarter portions, make healthier choices and stay more satisfied, all key in achieving weight loss success. The new Weight Watchers® Momentum program provides resources for people to understand and address the practical, physical and emotional issues that can lead to weight gain. With strategies to conquer hunger and the ability to tailor the plan to fit into one’s own life, Momentum™ provides people with more tools and resources to succeed in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

The Momentum program was developed from a combination of the latest in scientific research with in-depth insights from members who have succeeded on prior Weight Watchers food plans. The Momentum program tackles physical hunger head-on by helping people identify foods that can keep them satisfied for longer; thus helping them stay in control for long-term, sustainable weight loss.

By following Momentum™, consumers can avoid the feelings of hunger and deprivation that may have prematurely ended previous weight loss efforts. In addition, the Momentum program encourages listening to hunger signals, identifying triggers of emotional eating and emphasizes the benefits of tracking/journaling, which is scientifically proven to be an effective tool for weight loss.

“Following a food plan that enables you to make healthier choices without feeling deprived is incredibly helpful when losing weight,” explained Karen Miller-Kovach, MS, RD, Chief Scientific Officer, Weight Watchers International. “Many people delay getting started on a weight-loss plan because they fear being hungry. With Momentum™, there is no need to delay because it makes the connection between POINTS® values and healthy, filling foods for you. Having this understanding is not only helpful with weight loss, but also with keeping the weight off because the eating patterns taught with Momentum™ lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. Our successful members have told us that they feel different when eating lean proteins and whole grains versus something like fried food or processed foods and they love seeing the impact those foods have on their success.”

How does the Momentum program work?
The Momentum program combines the best elements from Weight Watchers previous food plans; it is based on the POINTS Weight Loss System, and incorporates “Filling Foods.” These Filling Foods have been scientifically proven to help keep people feeling fuller longer because they are low in calories, but contain more water, air or fiber per serving, relative to the food’s weight. So they’re low in energy density. Many are also high in protein. Consumers are encouraged to choose Filling Foods as part of their daily POINTS Target to keep hunger at bay. The less hungry people feel, the easier it will be to avoid temptation.

“The key to weight loss success is finding a plan you can stick with—something that doesn’t leave you hungry or filled with longing for your favorite foods, and something you can fit in to your life. It’s about finding the right balance of healthy, real foods, convenience foods and other foods you love. Momentum™ will help our members find this balance and make great food choices. They’ll learn how to handle eating out, eating with their families, eating on the run so that they can stick with the program and reach their goals,” says Sabrina LeBlanc, Vice President of Program Development at Weight Watchers International.

Do the materials change?
All of the program materials for Weight Watchers Meetings have been redesigned and offer even more helpful ways to follow the program and achieve weight-loss goals. The Weight Watchers Web site will be updated with content on the Momentum program and Weight Watchers members will be provided materials that include the new food plan, a handy pocket guide, and new and improved menu plans. For those members with subscriptions to Monthly Pass or Weight Watchers eTools, there will be enhanced online tools available.

“Since following Momentum, I’ve learned so much that has helped me be more successful in losing weight” explained Weight Watchers Member, Lanita Sea. “I’ve become more educated about what foods give you the maximum bang for your buck and by choosing Filling Foods, I don’t feel hungry – I stay fuller longer and feel like I have more energy. When I tried following other plans in the past, it was all about eating 3 meals and a snack. Now, I’ve been learning ways to listen to my own body and eating when I’m genuinely hungry. It feels very individual – like the program is tailored just for me.”

As always, Weight Watchers encourages a safe rate of weight loss - up to two pounds a week after the first three weeks (during which you could lose more).

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