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NEW YORK, NY (May 06, 2010) – Weight Watchers is proud to be a sponsor of O, the Oprah Magazine Live Your Best Life Walk in New York City on May 9. As part of the festivities, Jennifer Hudson will lead the walk alongside Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King where thousands of participants are expected to walk to support ten deserving charities.

In April, Jennifer Hudson announced that for the past several months she has been successfully losing weight with the Weight Watchers program. Healthy eating and exercise have been part of her routine and are helping Jennifer to live more healthfully. Her participation in the Live Your Best Life Walk is another way she is getting the word out to Americans that they, too, can adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“Just like many Weight Watchers members out there, I’ve learned how to incorporate activity into my life and walking is something I love to do,” said Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers Spokesperson. “I feel great and I am so excited to participate in the Live Your Best Life Walk and hope to inspire others to get moving this spring.”

“We recognize that walking is one of Weight Watchers members’ favorite ways of incorporating activity into their lives because it is easy and convenient. Walking in a group, especially, can be very motivating,” said Theresa DiMasi, Editor-in-Chief WeightWatchers.com. “The Live Your Best Life Walk is a natural partner for us – it encourages people to get moving while supporting a worthy cause. It also coincides with Weight Watchers’ own Walk-It Challenge, which encourages people to train for and walk a 5K.”

The Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge provides tips and strategies to successfully help people participate in a 5K, and, most importantly creates a community to connect walkers with each other to share encouragement and motivation. From now until June 5, Weight Watchers members and Online subscribers have access to an exclusive 5K training guide and the Walk-It Challenge community where they can create or join a walking group. The initiative culminates on Walk-It Day on June 6th.

To learn more about the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge, visit www.weightwatchers.com/walkit.

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