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Weight Watchers’ Best Program Just Got Better, with More Customized Options
That Make It Easier to Get Started and Stay Successful

NEW YORK, NY December 7, 2011 —Weight Watchers, ranked the #1 commercial weight management service provider by US News and World Report, today introduced PointsPlus 2012, an enhanced version of the revolutionary program that broke ground last year. In 2010, the launch of the PointsPlus program changed how millions of Americans eat and make healthy food choices. And, to make the plan even better in 2012, Weight Watchers incorporated suggestions from the people who know the program best – its vast community of millions of members and more than 19,000 staff members nationwide. The company – which has always been grounded in the authentic connections with its members – took a “high touch meets high tech” approach by adding both in-meeting and digital enhancements that make it easier to get started and stay on track.

“Last year, we launched a whole new program, and this year we added new tools to help our members and subscribers be more successful in the real world,” said Dave Burwick, North America President of Weight Watchers. “In 2012, we are giving them a series of online, mobile and meeting room tools – that help make the program work for them in their real lives. Success is literally in the palm of our subscribers’ hands.”

The PointsPlus 2012 program has enhancements designed to help members and subscribers who are new to Weight Watchers begin the program with the strongest start possible, as well as new tools to help all members stay on track. Importantly, the program adds new technology tools such as iPhone, iPad and Android apps. This includes one app that allows users to scan a bar code and instantly get the PointsPlus value and have the option to load it into their trackers with the touch of a button. It brings an entirely new dimension to navigating the grocery store.

Weight Watchers launched the PointsPlus program in 2010 using the latest advances in nutrition science to assess the way the body processes different foods, as well as food’s impact on feelings of hunger and satiety.The program assigns PointsPlus values to foods based on a formula that considers each item’s mix of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fat.

“Over the past year, we watched to see how PointsPlus worked for our members,” said Karen Miller-Kovach, Chief Scientific Officer for Weight Watchers International. “Now we’ve further enhanced the program with customizable elements based on feedback from members who told us how to make PointsPlus most relevant for their lives.”
Among the plan enhancements for 2012, Lifetime Members (those that weigh in once a month and are within two pounds of their goal weight)now have free access to Weight Watchers eTools, the internet weight-loss companion to meetings, helping them to maintain healthy lifestyles.From kicking off with PowerStart, to maintaining success with flexibility and convenience, the feedback from Weight Watchers members has contributed to making the PointsPlus 2012 program the strongest yet for members looking to make 2012 a healthy year.

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